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So it's been a while since I've done one of these just wanted to clear the air and have a chat with anyone out there that was curious about what's been going on with me? Where the barrier break comic went?or just talk to all the people that followed and then forgot about this account until you saw this message notification.

First Hello hope you've been doing well.

Second I've been okay. Dealing with Irl issues have been tough over the past couple years since I started this account but I've been figuring it out. All things considered I'm still alive and that's a huge plus.

Third the Barrier break project is on hold and I no longer want to host my comics on webtoon. That being said in the time since Ive last updated I've developed other projects. Even made some art of them some of which I've been posting here. I still love Barrier break and all my projects but in order to actually finish them and get some real storytelling exsperience under my belt I need to make a change. Currently I'm working on a new short series with a about a 50 issue cap.( Give or take 10 issues). I've found its really easy for me to make long running stories but my skillset and perfectionist mindset hold me back from actually making them. So I'm trying to work things out with this one and hope to have it done in the next 3 years to use it as a road map for all my projects. I will be be posting it here sometimes but will have a primary source elsewhere and will mention it when the first couple pages are up. I will release some short nfsw comics here and there too probably here and maybe my own personal website. I also have a variety of animatics and video related things that I want to get out as well. Figuring out a working schedule for me has been the hardest part and sometimes ngl it can get a bit overwhelming and I feel like I've spent more time planning what to do than actually doing. So please be patient with me as I figure things out and I will be put my best foot forward to make some cool stories.

Fourth thank you for reading, stay tuned for more news and art you won't regret it!

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